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Why Choose Google Ads

The Google Ads Center is an independent Digital Marketing Agency. We are unaffiliated directly with Google LLC, other in that we create and manage accounts as well as health checks.

All businesses need more leads, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales and profits. That is what The Google Ads Center delivers.

We have a cost-effective management fee that buys you our experience in delivering an improved ROI from your ad spend.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Your brand is able to advertise directly to an audience that is already searching for your products.

Faster Results Than SEO

Businesses can get results much quicker than SEO.

This means you can start to get a proper ROI much sooner.


Outrank Your Competitors

Google Ads allows you to get ahead of your competition.

And, more importantly, stay there!

Influence The Audience

The ability to show your brand in a positive light will help to project  trust to your potential customers.

Increase Ad Visibility

Showing your ads to the right people is essential if you are to stay within your required budget.

Don't fall into the trap of showing your advert to everyone, when you could be showing it to motivated buyers

Test, Test and Re-Test

Experiment with particulars of your campaign while still keeping core values in-place.

Remarket To Your Audience

Users don't always purchase on their first visit.

Google Ads retargeting will keep you fresh in your potential customers minds.

Fexibile Approach

You retain full control over your campaign with the ability to make key decisions to maximise your ROI.

Ads Traffic Converts Better

Conversion rates can very often be better than organic search, in many cases by up to 200%.

Data Driven Decisions

You don't have to make key decisions in the dark, Google Ads makes is easy to make all the right call's at the right time.

Demographic Targeting

Show the right ads to the people who match up as your ideal customers.

Google Ads takes the guesswork away from ROI.

      Deliver Results

A well structured Google Ads campaign will stand out, even in a crowded market-place.


Getting results from a Google Ads campaign has never been easier than with the Google Ads Center.

Our aim is to ensure that your account is set up in a timely fashion and produces the right results from day one.


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How Much Does It Cost?

There are Three costs that you need to be aware of. These are as follows:

  • Initial Account Set-up (includes 1st month management)
  • Cost Per Click Budget
  • Ongoing Management Fee

We tailor our costs to match up with exactly your needs.

Talk to us today for a no-obligation quote.

When Do I Get Results?

Once your account is created you can expect to see qualified traffic arriving on your website within a few hours.

Our aim (unlike other agencies) is to ensure that the traffic that arrives is of a good quality and can actually convert - why else would you want to spend money on getting visitors?

Our Google Ads team will ensure that your account is healthy and optimized properly to maximize your ROI.

Can I Change My Budget?

Of course you can!

We have clients that start off with a relatively modest budget for clicks and then when they see the results that can be achieved are happy to spend more.

Talk to use to find out exactly how we can help you to grow your business.

How Do I Know What I Have Spent?

Each month you will recieve an in-depth report detailing all of the important aspects of your account.

Our team will talk you through these and help you to make data based decisions to further improve your results.

Our question to you at this stage is....

...Are you going to keep letting your competitors get ahead of you and steal business from you?

...Or are you going to do whats best for your business and get started with Google Ads today?


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