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Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) has been around since the 23rd October 2000.

At it's inception there were just 350 advertisers. Today there are more than 1 Million, generating Billions of revenue for Alphabet Inc (Google's parent company).

Salar Kamangar is credited for the creation and subsequent refinement of the AdWords concept. Overseeing the AdWords product, Kamangar was the first business hire at Google. 


Annual Avertising Spend

Google Ads sees no signs of slowing down in growth. In fact in the five short years from 2014 the revenue from Google Ads more than doubled to just under $135 Billion (US Dollars).


$1.42 Billion  in 2003

$43.69 Billion  in 2012

$116.46 Billion  in 2018

Do Ads Work?

Despite many searchers claiming they "never click" on ads, Google Ads remains one of the best sources of a high ROI for advertisers.


Google Ads deliver an average 8:1 ROI - or $8 for every $1 spent

63% Of searchers are likely to click on a Google paid ad

Over a Quarter (26%) of people would click on a search ad because it mentions a brand they already know


Please note, these numbers are only from the United States and are relevant as at 2018.

These industries around the globe spend Billions upon Billions, and they wouldn't be doing so if there wasn't a healthy ROI!

Top Industries

It might not come as a surprise, but most industry types spend forturnes on ad campaigns.

Biggest Spenders



Financial Services

Google Ads is a time proven way of generating high return's on advertising investment (providing you partner with a reputable agency).

So What Is The Next Step?

Can you now see the sheer magnitude of Google Ads

Bear in mind, advertisers wouldn't be spending the Billions that they do if there was no ROI.

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