A Free Google Health Check

Not much in life is free anymore, but this offer from the Google Ads center really Is FREE!

Our no-obligation Google Ad Words health check will evaluate your account performance and identify problems.

Everyone needs a check-up now and then!

In our experience, more than half of business owners do not fully understand Google Ads accoints.

Sadly, this leaves them paying for advertising with no ideas of what potential savings could be made.

In addition to the worrying statement, fewer than 60% of all advertisers enable conversion tracking.

They have no way of knowing if their campaigns are successful or they are just wasting their money.

The level of detail in our FREE Google Ads Health Check has even managed to shock professionlly trained teams at large scale companies

Why have a Health Check?

One of the major reasons why Google Ads campaigns often don't give enough “bang for your buck” is overspend.

And remember “Google Loves" it when you overspend

With over 4 million advertisers in 2019 a large number of businesses use Google Ads. Google’s display campaigns reach around  80% of global internet users.

Google Ads is a great tool and used effectively businesses should make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads

But with Google owning about 70% of the search market share, just do the math if only 10% of accounts overspent ? 

That's your money, going to waste, because your campaign is not properly managed. You should not need any more reasons to get your health check done today.

What Does A Health Check Include?

    • Google Ads strategy (including Campaign and Ad Group structure)
    • Use of Ad Extensions
    • Conversion costs
    • Conversion tracking
    • Keywords and the use of negative keywords
    • Quality scores
    • Landing pages
    • Google Analytics linking

But above all it includes evaluation by a professional team who fully understand how to get the best from a Google Ads Campaign

Free Google Ads Health Check

Overspending your budget

It's often the case when reviewing poorly performing Google Ads accounts that we discover mistakes in the setup and management of your campaigns that may be returning poor results. 

Our health check swiftly identifies opportunities and any aspects of unused functionality that could be advantageous in delivering the returns and growth your business deserves.

After we complete the appraisal our recommendations are returned to you and if appropriate we will discuss these with you.

Our free health check includes comprehensive and detailed data analysis, but we don't just review metrics and crunch figures. 

We take the time to understand your business and goals before our final recommendations.

A professional review of your Ad Words account by an experienced marketer can be worth its weight in gold. 

Don't worry you don't have to hand over your bullion for our free health check.


Google Ads Free Health Check(1)

A properly run Google Ads campaign will allow you to reach more potential customers


Google Ads Free Health Check(1)

Showing your ads to the right people will help you to generate more sales

Increase REVENUE

Google Ads Free Health Check(1)

Reaching more prospective customers who are in the market to buy will increase your revenue

The Next Move

Simple, it costs nothing so book your free health check today.

Or if you are already aware your campaign is failing, you can always instruct us to sort it out and let us show you the results.

All you need to do is add our Google Ads "My Client Center" (MCC Account Number) to your account and provide us with read only access. We will do the rest!

If you don't like reviewing reports, you can book your check and then have an online video chat to go through our findings and recommendations.

If you are truly happy spending more than you really need to with Google then please do ignore us. 

Lets Get Started!

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