How Are Google Ads Campaign Managed ?

You probably read a lot about Google Ads management and see lots of ads for the service. But what exactly does it mean?

Is it as simple as putting on a shirt and tie with a Manager badge? Or do you need a little more?

Our team knows exactly what it takes, and we will impart some of our wisdom, to make sure you understand the right moves for your next marketing campaign.

The Google Ads Management Sector

We Guarantee to get you leads” or “Do you want thousands of new leads”. 

The ads leap out at business owners daily, but how do you navigate the minefield and choose the right agency or strategy?

Google Ads, the new name for what was formerly “Google Adwords”, is the market-leading platform for paid search advertising. It allows you to select your target customers in a very relevant and specific manner.

It's not quite as simple as you might think to “go it alone” and the industry sector has grown significantly over COVID-19 world”.

Lots of agents, making lots of promises, means your options can be mind-boggling. You should understand just a little more about Google Ads management, to enable you to make the right partner choices.

Don't worry if you're beginning to feel overwhelmed, particularly if you're a small business or if marketing, is not in your job description.

The simple fact is Google Ads is essential to how successful marketing campaigns work out for many businesses, after all it is the World's most popular search engine.

Why not think about partnering with an agency that aims to deliver quality over boastful quantity statements. We work hard to ensure that your campaign and website deliver what you need most. Sales and profit.

Google Ads Management - Google Ads Center

Let's Look At The Basic’s

The first choice is, have you the time, the skillset and the budget to cover things going wrong, to go it alone and do the set up yourself?

No? Then you should look at engaging an industry professional and evaluate their responses to some key questions regarding Google Ads Management.

  • Are they taking the time to get to know your business and products? Have they asked the right questions about your target audience?
  • Have they set you a firmly established-prime keywords list
  • Have you set a lead to sales return performance metrics for them to aim at?
  • Maybe you're not selling a product but just need more visitors to your site, so you will need to talk to them about setting some visitor numbers to budget targets
  • Set a budget and ask them to stick to it, that way your management of the campaign makes sure that you can achieve the optimal cost per lead for your budget
  • Agents should show a desire to ensure the client’s business receives an expert PPC management experience delivering a campaign with tremendous potential and customer reach

They are some of the basic starting points in looking to establish a managed Google Ads Campaign, but the work does not stop there once the campaign is set up.

Managing & Editing Campaigns

Once you have your Keywords, budget, have detailed your measuring metrics reference ROI and your advert is ready to be rolled out, the management work is by no means over. In fact this is when campaign management steps up a gear.

You can launch your advert, but managing its performance will deliver a greatly improved ROI It needs detailed analysis and  continued tweaking from time to time

Google Ads reward’s advertisers for the relevance of their ad and for making campaigns as advantageous to searchers as possible. The system then assigns a Quality Score to keywords in an account. This quality score greatly affects your ads page position.

Also be aware that Google Ads algorithms favour advertisers and campaigns that “adjust their ads” and experiment with any new features and offers. PPC management is a constantly changing beast, and keeping on top of everything, can be time consuming.

No matter if you are looking to set up a new campaign or to reinvigorate your existing one, having a managed campaign is crucial to delivering the results you're looking for.

Manage your business better.

Management Tasks

Editing a campaign is key, but it has to be done right. It is detrimental to be tweaking re-editing for the sake of “looking good”. A campaign manager will be carrying out some key tasks;

  • Implementing additional negative keywords to reduce any waste on your spend
  • They will be expanding your account with new ads and re-targeting if required.
  • To deliver the best possible ad Quality Score, and of course a value conversion rate, they should be testing and editing content for performance results.
  • The website has to do its bit as well, and constructing and testing new landing pages will keep your campaign fresh
  • And of course, you always want to see them optimising your budget to deliver that important ROI
  • Looking at your competition, to ensure you are able to keep ahead of what they are doing
  • Reviewing changes that Google implement, some are subtle and not all are necessary for the pure benefit of the advertiser.

These functions if left undone or missed completely can be catastrophic to any marketing campaign. Management tasks need to be carried at least weekly depending on the size of the campaign and the desired goal.

The above, plus lots more come as part of the standard delivery package when you choose The Google Ads Center to assist with your Google Ads management.

You still retain control of the direction of your campaign. After all, it’s your business and your money that is driving the ads. 

However, it is carried out under the expert supervision of professional Google Ads manager. All of this adds up to achieving a superb ROI and the best possible result for your business.

Remember, in just the last 3 years we have managed in excess of $1.5 Million Dollars through the Google Ads platform.

Millions Of Dollars With The Google Ads Center

Make Marketing Easier

If all this sounds a bit much and you're looking for a little help?

The Google Ads Center makes campaign management professional, faster, and easier so you start getting better measurable results.

Some agencies levy charges of 20% to 35% for the benefit of them managing your account. Rest assured that The Google Ads Center won’t charge anywhere near that figure.

Also, you can be confident that every last cent of your campaign is spent on your campaign, there are never any hidden charges and you get a comprehensive report to see where your money has gone.

We won’t lock you into a long term contract. Our results speak for themselves. This is why we are confident that you will see the benefit of staying with the Google Ads Center for your Ads management.

Plus you can focus on your business and to oversee getting those new orders out for delivery.

It's free to chat with us, and we don't bite.

Find Out More About Ads Management From The Google Ads Center

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