Key Steps for setting up Google Ads

Creating a Google Ads campaign can be worth its weight in gold. Literally. 

Across all industries, the web giant that changed its name from Google AdWords to Google Ads (why is anyone’s guess!) reckons that the average return is and 8:1 ratio. So for every 1 Dollar invested you get a return of 8! 

Now that’s gotta be great from anyone's perspective?

Of course, this isn’t always the case as it's dependent upon the specific niche or industry that you are in.

Aside from industry-related, the key to setting up a Google Ads account is to do it properly. Either understand what needs to be done, or alternatively empower a respectable agency to achieve the results you need.

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Google AdWords Made Simple

Is it really that simple? 

The answer is dependent on the level of return you want for your budget and the goals or targets you set for your campaign. Part of the answer is yes, a professionally managed campaign, structured to meet your targets and desired ROI is actually fairly straight forward “for our team anyway”.

You will need to give some thought to who your target customer is, other questions that should be at the forefront are:

  • Where are they located?
  • How far down the purchase cycle might they be?
  • Are they likely to purchase straight away or will it be a long term decision?
  • Are they Male or Female?

Basically, profiling your customer (in some ways similar to the something akin to Crime Scene Investigators) is good practice. The more you know about them the easier it will be to create a well-structured campaign that will convert properly.

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What Goes Wrong With Google Ads Campaigns?

We often review failed accounts for clients and can invariably see the same mistakes made again and again 

  1. It might be that your business is sending Google Ads traffic to your website’s homepage instead of your targeted landing page.  
  2. Another repeated error is that broadly based keywords can fail to deliver and eat into that all-important budget. (If you are in the Sports Trainers Business, don't just use the keyword “Shoes”)
  3. Many advertisers fail to put geographical constraints on who sees their ads. A classic example of a great way to waste tons of budget showing your ad-copy to people who just aren’t ever going to be customers.
  4. This one is very common “Campaigns that aren’t monitored or optimised”.  We see many accounts that are simply “left to run” without management, site optimization, and limited monitoring of your returns against your goals. Without management  you're fighting a losing battle. Google often makes changes so your campaign benefits from tweaking the metrics if needs be.

These mistakes are fairly common in approximately  70% of Adwords campaigns. And that can even include some that are set up by industry professionals.

Setting Up Your Google Ads

Ensuring that you have created a robust format for your ad campaigns has got to be right at the top of the pile.

Without these, you run the risk of showing too broad an ad and wasting valuable conversion issues.

Here at The Google Ads Center, we will take the opportunity to discuss with you what your core objectives are. Who are your potential customers? What do they “look like”, how do they “behave”. We will ask many pertinent questions that can only strengthen the overall success of your campaign.

We will ensure that you have sufficient ad-groups so that the right ad-copy is shown for matching search terms. It can be a pain-staking process, but will provide the basis for a successful campaign.

We will look at the search terms that are likely to match up with what your potential customers are going to use. In addition and in many respects we will spend just as much time on looking for negative keywords. These are the ones you don’t want your ad-copy to show up for.

Website Evaluation

We will ensure that your website is able to deliver conversions. In many respects we refer to this as being fit for purpose. Does it:

  • Load properly on mobile devices?
  • Is it fast enough?
  • Does it have the right content that matches up to the ad that your potential customer has clicked on?
  • Is it easy for your potential customer to actually convert?
  • Do they have to visit 2/3/4 or even more pages before they can actually purchase?

There is much more it to this, but really we are just aiming to give you a prelude to the level of detail that we go into.

All of the info below go into helping to make your campaign run properly and do what it is intended to:

Your website's design, forms, landing pages, and use of email marketing can significantly increase the ROI from your Google Ad's campaign. 

Professional Ad-Copy

We will ensure that your ad-copy stands out from a busy crowd. We won’t tell stories that you can’t deliver, but we will work hard to ensure your USP’s are upfront and central.

You won’t just get 1 ad copy per ad group either, we will ensure that there are rotations so that it is easy to understand the best performing ads. Best practice suggests that you work on 3 different variations of your ad, and also consider some of the newer google functions like responsive search ads.

We will make sure that your ads include all of the available extensions that Google allows. This way it will occupy more of the available real-estate and have a better chance of standing out.

Set Up Conversion Tracking

The Google Ads Center will ensure that you have proper conversion tracking installed. 

After all, how can anyone possibly make informed decisions around the success of a campaign without this essential data?

These conversions are going to cover:

  1. Webform leads (contact forms, quote requests)
  2. E-commerce orders (Orders from your online shopping cart)
  3. Calls from the website (phone calls from a number displayed on your website)
  4. Importing data from sales that occur from the internet

If these are not set up before your ad goes live, you won’t be able to measure how effectively your ad is performing. As the data starts to be returned, analyse how your ad is doing as that enables you to measure which areas deliver the best results.

Conversion Tracking - Google Ads Center

Need Help with Google Ads?

If you don't have the skill set or a hefty budget to play with, then working in partnership with a Google Ads specialist, exponentially increases your chances of running a successful campaign.

We specialise in creating and managing Google Ads campaigns for all sizes of businesses and industry sectors.

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